5 female hair loss treatment tricks and tips

More and more women nowadays know the struggle of thinning hair and outright hair loss. There are many factors that can cause a woman to start losing her hair, and while each woman is different, one thing is certain: no woman wants to see her hair go away. Miracle treatments and solutions abound, but in the end, only the proven solutions give real results. If you are tired of looking online and talking to your friends about possible countermeasures, then please take a look at the following 5 tips and tricks to deal with female hair loss and thinning once and for all.

Pay attention to your diet

We are what we eat, and the old adage is more true than ever when it comes to our hair and skin. Just like when you eat lots of fat and snacks your skin gets oily, a poor diet can lead to a poor hair health to the extent of causing your hair to thin out and start falling. Keep an eye on your diet and what you’re putting into your body the next time you see evident signs of something going wrong, like more hair than usual down the shower drain.

Start taking vitamins and supplements

Our bodies are well-oiled machines and they are pretty resilient when it comes to staying functional. Sometimes, hormones and other elements can play a role in imbalances in our bodies despite our best efforts to keep ourselves healthy. If you are eating well and your stress levels are not through the roof, then perhaps try taking some vitamins or supplements to bring up your iron and zinc levels. This should help your hair regain its usual strength.

Use volumizing shampoo and other products

Washing your hair can be dreadful when you know you’re suffering from hair loss and some women avoid it like the plague. Don’t. You can turn something seemingly traumatic into an opportunity to solve the problem by using a volumizing shampoo if your problem is thinning hair. For hair loss, though, perhaps not even the best volumizing shampoos will do. Topical solutions and other products might do the trick in that case.

In case of emergency: extensions

Although it sounds counterintuitive to clip in hair extensions into already weakened hair, they can be lifesavers when you have been trying everything and nothing seems to work. If you have a social event and no hairdo does justice to your hair in its natural style, then just use clip in hair extensions to save you the hassle and potential danger of trying quick miracle treatments. Those usually do more harm than good in the long run.

Talk to your doctor

In the end, you know your body and hair better than anyone. If you feel like your problem might stem from something more severe or that it is related to some other symptoms you have, then you should schedule a visit to your doctor. He or she has your medical history and will be able to tell with more certainty if your hair thinning or loss is something to worry about. Don’t be ashamed of paying attention to the signs your body is giving you.

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