New Mercedes GLC, more details revealed


Mercedes GLC

The new Mercedes GLC SUV goes on sale today, and Mercedes-Benz has revealed details about the car.

There are various model lineups, including several new plug-in hybrids, and the car has undergone various design changes.

The new GLC has been systematically designed for hybrid drive and sets the benchmark for efficiency. The range of engines has 4-cylinder petrol and diesel units combined with electric motors. Four of them are mild-hybrid units with second-generation Integrated Starter Generators (ISGs). Furthermore, he added that the three engine variants are plug-in hybrids with system power up to 280 kW (381 hp) and system torque up to 750 Nm. All plug-in hybrid vehicles have an electric range of over 100 km (WLTP).

Electric like never before: Thanks to the electric range, all your daily distances can usually be covered electric. An improved hybrid driving program offers electric drive modes for the most appropriate sections of the route. For example, electric drives are preferred for urban travel.

All-rounder both on-road and off-road: The GLC has significantly improved on-road and off-road attributes, allowing it to stretch in bad weather and dirt roads. These include simplified handling with an off-road screen, clearer information with a ‘transparent bonnet’ and superior traction and handling safety with an improved control system. Even when the plug-in hybrid is running in full electric mode.

For more information on the new Mercedes GLC樂威壯
SUV, visit Mercedes-Benz at the link below.

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